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Hi-Lift Mount for Bed Rack Installation

Thanks for purchasing a Hi-Lift Mount! These instructions should get you all setup, but please do let us know if you run into any issues at all, and we'll be happy to help.

What you'll need

You'll need the following in order to properly install the Hi-Lift mount:

  1. Your Hi-Lift.
  2. A power drill.
  3. A 7/16-inch drill bit.

Additionally, if you can find the following, installation will be much easier:

  1. Two adjustable (or appropriately sized) wrenches.
  2. Two clamps.
  3. A board cut to fit "inside" the channel of your Hi-Lift to use as a drilling template. Generally, ½" thick x 1 ¼" tall x 26" long should be about right.
  4. A pencil.
Tools for installation of the Hi-Lift mount.
Tools for installation of the Hi-Lift mount.

Preparing for installation

The first step to ensuring a good installation is laying out the location of the Hi-Lift, and transferring the important dimensions of the Hi-Lift to a drilling template that is much lighter than the Hi-Lift itself.

  1. Ensure that the Hi-Lift is completely lowered, and then place the wood board inside the back channel of the I-beam, pushed down against the head of the Hi-Lift.

    Creating the template
  2. Trace each of the holes in the Hi-Lift onto the piece of wood.

    Template created (you won't have holes in yours...yet :-))
  3. Place the Hi-Lift in position on the bed rack, in a location where you are happy with the fit. Generally, this will be slightly less than halfway up the legs of the bed rack. Ensure that the head of the Hi-Lift will not interfere with your tent, or otherwise protrude above the top of the rack.Note: We recommend installing the Hi-Lift on the driver side (though either works), with the head/foot facing forward, and the handle down, if possible.
  4. Mark the position (height on the bed rack legs) where you want to install the Hi-Lift.
  5. Using the wooden template created earlier, align two of the traced holes on two of the bed rack legs, centering them on the legs as much as possible.
  6. Clamp the wooden template to the bed rack to hold it in position.

    Template clamped to rack. (You likely want to clamp it where the bolts are for optimal positioning.)
  7. Using a drill and 7/16-inch drill bit, drill through the wooden template and bed rack legs (drill completely through both sides of the leg).

    Drilling the hole in the bed rack leg.

Installing the Hi-Lift Mount

The Hi-Lift mount is made up of several components that create a weather-tight seal on the bed rack, and hold the Hi-Lift away from the bed rack for security and to prevent rubbing/rust.

From the inside of the rack, insert the bolt through the following "sandwich":

  1. sealing washer (rubber "up" towards bed rack leg)
  2. bed rack
  3. sealing washer (rubber "down" towards bed rack leg)
  4. flat washer
  5. hex nut (tighten securely to compress sealing washers)
  6. flat washer
  7. mounting plate
  8. Hi-Lift jack
  9. flat washer
  10. butterfly nut
Stainless steel hardware components, in order. Bed rack goes between two rubber washers on left, mounting plate and Hi-Lift go between two flat washers on right.
Bolt installed with hardware up to (not including) mounting plate.
Mounting plate installed. Then, simply fit Hi-Lift, flat washer, and butterfly nut.