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First Impressions of Electric Socks

It's easier to stay warm than to get warm. unknown I learned the hard way - as I tagged along on my first big adventure - that staying warm on a cold night is a whole lot more pleasant than trying to recover from a freezing evening by hunkering down in even the warmest of comforters when I finally went to bed. At least, that's when I should have learned. In reality, it took me a good couple of years, camping with guys who don't mind - or even relish - the cold, to realize this simple fact. It wasn't…

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CBI Tire Carrier #Fail

TL;DR - The welds on the CBI tire carrier failed on the trail. Once I realized that my welds on it hadn't failed, but those from CBI had, I laughed at the entire situation. I was driving along the bumpy roads of the Whipple Mountains when I noticed that the Trasharoo was hanging at an odd angle off of my spare tire. This isn't unusual - all the jostling tends to move it around a bit - so after snapping a quick photo of some fantastic landscape, I set the camera down to adjust it. The entire tire moved with…

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Torsion to Linear Clutch Spring Replacement

TL;DR - The linear clutch pedal spring I installed is working great. Everyone with a torsion spring on their clutch pedal should do this proactively. For anyone looking to do this upgrade themselves, I've got a short, simple guide to the work: Fixing the Clutch Pedal Spring (Torsion to Linear, Eliminate Squeaks) As easy as the conversion from the stock torsion clutch pedal spring to the linear spring (90507-14030) variant ended up being, it took me quite a while to get around to doing the swap, for two reasons: I had a bit of a tough time learning exactly where…

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Chicken Tender Wraps - A Great Dinner

I do miss my avocados, but these always hit the spot.

TL;DR - with trips to Las Vegas now taking place via plane, it's much harder to bring avocados (compared to packing them securely and driving them from home). Becuase I refuse to eat tacos or burritos without guacamole, I had to find an alternative. Chicken Tender wraps have fit the bill fantastically.

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LutzAuto Speedo Correction Device Issues

The incremental calibration is really nice - so much easier than "hoping" with a speedo gear, and having to get a new gear if something between the transmission and ground changes in the future.

TL;DR - I've been happy with the device, though I had to replace it, and I discovered (because of the device) that getting the speedometer to be accurate is NOT what we should all be shooting for!

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Bed Spread (new)

TL;DR - I've not really had any noticeable bed spread over the last 5 years, despite every other Tacoma seeming to have the problem. However, I've noticed recently that the gap around the tailgate is not as even as it used to be. I'm not worried for now, but I'll likely address it with and update to the bed rack.

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I'm Loving the Truck in Las Vegas (One Year Update)

"Seems ...Unsafe."

TL;DR - Having the Tacoma in Las Vegas is by far the best thing I've done for exploring, ever. The convenience of not having to drive forever at the start/end of a trip is worth it alone. Icing on the cake is that it's been even cheaper than I originally estimated (which itself was cheaper than driving).

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