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About AdventureTaco

How I got started

Over the years, I've been asked many times how I got started with all this. After stumbling through answers I eventually realized that it wasn't just one thing that got me going - it was my whole life. So I wrote up the story and posted it. Please - go read it and enjoy, it is one of my favorite and makes me smile every time I read it!

How we adventure

As you've likely already realized, we head out into the wild in a Toyota Tacoma. It's a 1st gen, 2000 4WD SR5 V6, with more than a few modifications, which I've tried to do as cleanly as possible - the truck is still my daily driver as well. To date, the AdventureTaco has been amazing, never missing a beat on or off the trail. My "first car" (that I bought myself), I suspect that it will be with me for decades to come - perhaps my only truck, if I'm lucky. Only time will tell, I suppose.

Perhaps the only thing I love more than exploring is using my hands to build things. As such, the AdventureTaco has allowed me to learn (a little, compared to real experts) about what it means to "work on a truck." That's been an amazing experience in itself, and I realize that many readers may be interested in the details of the build, both to learn, and - I hope - to provide critique/feedback. For me, the build is also the adventure.

Capturing the moment

While I've always liked to capture imagery of the beautiful places I've been, and I've loved sharing the stories with my family at our gatherings, I've never fancied myself a photographer or writer. For years, I used a simple point-and-shoot digital camera, or my cell phone - happy with the results, blissfully uncaring of the world of expensive DSLRs and specialized glass. But, as the adventures have become more frequent, and as our daughter has grown, I dipped my toes in the water and was hooked. I now shoot with a Canon R6 and as small a set of lenses as I can manage - to keep costs, weight, and time-to-first-shot to a minimum - and I love it. Of course, for the reader that means that more recent photos will be better, and older photos will be...not. 🙂

I've written up what I like (and don't) about my current setup here: Involuntary Evolution to a New Camera and Glass (Canon R6)

And my approach to taking photos in: If You Take Enough Photos, Some Are Bound to be Decent.

Supporting AdventureTaco

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