Scepter Military Fuel Canister (20L / 5gal)


Up your game and increase your adventure range with the best, military-spec fuel cans on the market.

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Efficiently carrying fuel on long adventures is a necessity. For years, steel jerry cans have been the answer. More recently, Rotopax have become all the rave. Each of these have problems - steel jerry cans have a tendency to develop rust and leak over time; Rotopax hold a limited amount of fuel and have a fuel-to-container ratio that is insanely high on the container side.

Why not rely on the same fuel cans used by militaries around the world? Standard issue to the U.S. and Canadian Armed Forces, these Scepter light weight MIL-spec fuel cans are designed to safely and securely transport auxiliary fuel. Made from rugged HDPE, the military fuel can is virtually indestructible and will never rust. The MFC lightens the soldier's load and offers excellent mechanical strength and superior impact resistance, all while withstanding extreme weather conditions. UN / Nato qualified.

These canisters also avoid the "impossible to use," "no spill" spouts that are standard on today's consumer gas cans. Instead, use a fast-fill spout to drain the jerry can in less than 20 seconds, or use a fuel siphon, and leave the jerry can mounted to your rear bumper, or stowed in your bed while refilling your tank.

Regulations & Safety Compliance

  • Mil-C-53109 / CID A-A-59592A
  • UN Certified



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