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Modifications and Maintenance

The Tacoma - AdventureTaco - has seen its share of shop time. Technically, I suppose, this was "driveway time" - as I've never had a shop in which to carry out the majority of the work on the truck - but whatever it was, the Tacoma has continued to plug along over the years.

How it Sits


If you're curious about a specific aspect of the Tacoma, you can check out how it sits or dive into one of the mods and maintenance categories below:

Armor (16 entries)
Armor | Rear Bumper (4 entries)
Armor | Skid Plates (8 entries)
Body (and Bed) (25 entries)
Brakes (11 entries)
Climate Control (4 entries)
Communication (18 entries)
Drivetrain (31 entries)
Drivetrain | Engine (5 entries)
Interior (20 entries)
Lighting (17 entries)
Seats (4 entries)
Steering (8 entries)
Suspension (36 entries)
Suspension | Front (26 entries)
Suspension | Rear (13 entries)
Wheels & Tires (19 entries)