5th Gen 4Runner Storage Platform

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A super-functional storage and sleeping platform for your 5th gen 4Runner (2010 and newer).

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A super-functional storage and sleeping platform for your 5th gen 4Runner (2010 and newer)*. This platform is made of ¾ inch baltic birch plywood to stand up to the toughest of uses, whether it be a full load of gear, a fridge, or even a couple of people sleeping in the back of the truck.

Several configurations are available to suit your own camping needs, and I'm happy to consider customizations at your request.

  • 3/4" baltic birch plywood platform 2¼" above the existing rear storage floor (aligned with folded down rear seats).
  • Two (2) L-tracks, one along each side to secure loads.
  • One pull-out shelf, approximately 18" wide.

Local pick-up available and recommended as shipping of this large platform is expensive. Shipped platforms require partial assembly and come with screws, detailed instructions, and all necessary holes pre-drilled. Only a screwdriver is required for assembly. Shipping can result in the cosmetic damage to the platform - it will still function perfectly (and it's going to get banged up in your truck if you use it anyway).

* Note that the platform fits trucks without 3rd row seats.


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Estimated shipping + insurance $250
Note: Shipping for a basic platform is usually between $250 and $350. If you order a platform to be shipped, I will email you to either refund some of this amount, or request any additional amount necessary to cover actual shipping + insurance prior to finalizing your order.

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Second pull-out shelf $50
Twice the space to spread out.

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Third L-track in center of platform $75
Allows items to be secured to one side of the platform.

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Additional L-tracks in any location on platform $75
Allows items to be secured to more locations on the platform.

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Access panels (1 or 2) $100
Allows access to store items under the platform. (Note: not compatible with pull-out shelves.)

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Fridge drawer/slide $150
Built to fit your fridge. (Note: moves second (included) L-track to center of platform. Does not include fridge tie downs.)

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Taller platform supports $50
Allows additional gear storage below the platform, but results in platform being higher than folded-down rear seats.

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Paint $150
Clear polyurethane on the top and sides of the platform, as well as any pull-out shelves.


Rather than buy tie-downs that I choose for you, you might as well just purchase ones that you like best and save whatever markup I'd have to make to stock them. Here are a few that I recommend:

A few photos

 With two (2) access panels.

Fridge drawer/slide to fit your fridge.
Note: shown on 3rd gen 4Runner platform that is a slightly different base shape than a 5th gen platform.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 5 in

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  1. Daniel de Lima Serff

    Ordered a platform for the back of my 4runner, very smooth experience. The platform was carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition. Seller was very responsive.

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