5th Gen 4Runner Storage/Sleeping Platform

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A super-functional storage and sleeping platform for your 5th gen 4Runner (2010 and newer).

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A super-functional storage and sleeping platform for your 5th gen 4Runner (2010 and newer)*. This platform is made of ¾ inch baltic birch plywood to stand up to the toughest of uses, whether it be a full load of gear, a fridge, or even a couple of people sleeping in the back of the truck.

Several configurations are available to suit your own camping needs, and I'm happy to consider customizations at your request.

  • 3/4" baltic birch plywood platform 2¼" above the existing rear storage floor (aligned with folded down rear seats).
  • Two (2) L-tracks, one along each side to secure loads.
  • One pull-out shelf, approximately 18" wide.

Local pick-up available and recommended as shipping of this large platform is expensive. Shipped platforms require partial assembly and come with screws, detailed instructions, and all necessary holes pre-drilled. Only a screwdriver is required for assembly. Shipping can result in the cosmetic damage to the platform - it will still function perfectly (and it's going to get banged up in your truck if you use it anyway).

* Note that the platform fits trucks without 3rd row seats.


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Estimated shipping + insurance $250
Note: Shipping for a basic platform is usually between $250 and $350. If you order a platform to be shipped, I will email you to either refund some of this amount, or request any additional amount necessary to cover actual shipping + insurance prior to finalizing your order.

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Second pull-out shelf $50
Twice the space to spread out.

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Third L-track in center of platform $75
Allows items to be secured to one side of the platform.

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Additional L-tracks in any location on platform $75
Allows items to be secured to more locations on the platform.

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Access panels (1 or 2) $100
Allows access to store items under the platform. (Note: not compatible with pull-out shelves.)

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Fridge drawer/slide $150
Built to fit your fridge. (Note: moves second (included) L-track to center of platform. Does not include fridge tie downs.)

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Taller platform supports $50
Allows additional gear storage below the platform, but results in platform being higher than folded-down rear seats.

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Paint $150
Clear polyurethane on the top and sides of the platform, as well as any pull-out shelves.


Rather than buy tie-downs that I choose for you, you might as well just purchase ones that you like best and save whatever markup I'd have to make to stock them. Here are a few that I recommend:

A few photos

 With two (2) access panels.

Fridge drawer/slide to fit your fridge.
Note: shown on 3rd gen 4Runner platform that is a slightly different base shape than a 5th gen platform.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 5 in

2 reviews for 5th Gen 4Runner Storage/Sleeping Platform

  1. Joe Ramos

    I ordered the leveling and storage platform for my 5th gen 4runner. The platform arrived in perfect condition with very simple installation instructions.

    I had emailed Dan prior to ordering the platform and he was very responsive and understood the additional requirements of my order.

    He was very clear about construction and delivery timing. Couldn't be happier with my order.

  2. Daniel de Lima Serff

    Ordered a platform for the back of my 4runner, very smooth experience. The platform was carefully packaged and arrived in excellent condition. Seller was very responsive.

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