4Runner Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines

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*works with both stock and Tundra Brake Upgrade calipers*

Create the perfect connection from a 3rd gen (96-02) 4Runner to 13WL (or 13WE) calipers. Also works perfectly with stock T4R calipers.

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Whether you're working on a Tundra brake upgrade for your 3rd gen (96-02) 4Runner or just want to improve the feel of your OEM brakes, one of the things you'll want to do is to upgrade the brake lines that run from the frame to the spindle from rubber to stainless steel.

This is a good idea in order to improve brake pedal feel. Already with the larger 13WL calipers, you are adding additional volume to the system. By upgrading to stainless steel lines, you can reduce the expansion of brake lines when the pedal is pressed and the system is under pressure.

All color lines are DOT approved.

Of course, other vendors sell stainless steel lines, but they charge way too much money. You can buy them here for nearly 20% less.



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Insurance $5.28
To keep the cost as low as possible, the prices above don't include insurance. I've never had USPS lose (or not deliver) a kit, or wreck it in transit, but I'm sure there is always a possibility. If you'd like to add insurance to you order, you can.

Note: Insurance is included for free if you choose Priority Shipping.

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Brake Line Clips $2.50 ea
Need some clips to secure your stainless steel brake lines to a frame or spindle bracket? Look no further, these Toyota OEM clips are thin and strong, the best you can get. Get four (4) to replace all of your existing clips.

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Extended Stainless Steel Brake Lines for Long Travel
$15 (gray)
$25 (red)
If you have a long travel kit that uses the stock spindle, add these extended lines and enjoy bigger brakes.

  • Works with kits such as: Total Chaos +3.5", Solo Motorsports +3.5", or Camburg 3.5"
  • Also works with up to a 6" drop-bracket lift (e.g. Fabtech 6").

Note: do not purchase these extended lines if you have mid-travel, or up to a 4" lift/leveling kit on your Tacoma or 4Runner. The longer lines will get in the way of your suspension components; the standard lines will work perfectly for you.

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Extended Rear Brake Line $42.49
Looking to replace your rear brake line with a high-quality extended line as well? This is the most versatile line available, cheaper than the competition. (more info)
Add at Checkout Shipping to Canada $34.99
Live north of the border? I can ship to Canada, but it's not cheap (sorry!).

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Weight 1 lbs

Gray, Red

Brake Clips

with 2 clips, with 4 clips, no clips

34 reviews for 4Runner Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines

  1. Matt Nettesheim

    Bought the stainless steel brake lines for my 02 4Runner. Fast shipping and had a few questions and was answered very promptly. A+

  2. Bryce Magee

    Super helpful article for tundra brake upgrade and great service

  3. Dave Marliave

    Found your brake swap how-to right when I bought my runner a couple years back, and have been looking forward to doing the job since. Found the lines through the link in the write up and didn’t bother looking elsewhere as the free guide made me want to support yah. Thanks for the great write up!

  4. Keir

    Product arrived in a timely manner, great quality, good communication. Highly recommended.

  5. Code 4 Performance

    I purchased 3rd Gen brake lines from Adventure Taco. Quick shipping and a follow up email from Dan, thanking me for the purchase. The email had informative links as well. Top notch customer service and a great price! Thanks, Adventure Taco

  6. Jacob Staley

    Purchases some braided steel lines and followed their guide to upgrade the brakes on my 3rd Gen 4runner. Absolutely great customer service and a phenomenal write up.

  7. Will Sanburg

    Thanks for the quick shipment but more importantly, thanks for the thorough explanations and quality photos on your website. I found out about the brake lines from your site while reading your post about the Tundra caliper upgrade. Solid work friend. Keep it up.

  8. Dan Butrym

    Phenomenal customer service from the moment I purchased. Unbelievable response time for questions after I received the lines I bought. Thanks again!

  9. Jeff Martin

    Very simple... I ordered brake lines to upgrade my 4Runner. Shortly after ordering, I was contacted directly by the seller to confirm the order and shipping information. In his email, he also provided helpful links to assist me with the installation process. He further offered his personal support if any issues should arise. What more could you ask for. Great seller!

  10. Tony Hetu

    I seen them just browsing the Facebook groups 3rd gen 4Runner mafia. I’m re-doing all my breaks front and rear also tundra upgrade in the front.

  11. Ben Pierson

    Bought upgraded brake lines for replacing the front brakes in a 97 4runner. Exceptional customer service and communication. Brake lines look very well made, can't wait to see the difference in braking performance considering the 3rd generation 4runners come from the factory with inadequate braking

  12. Jonathan Hey

    Thanks Dan!

    The install went great by following your simple instructions. I'm pretty sure I found your SS brake lines from a Google Shopping search.

  13. tykie gortat

    Awesome service, super happy to help with questions good dude!

  14. Ryan Anderson

    Not only is the AdventureTaco the definitive resource for Tundra brake conversions, but the customer service post-sale is unmatched anywhere. Within hours of my purchase I received an email from the owner making sure I had all the information I needed. When I took it as an opportunity to ask a question, I received a response back within an hour with a detailed and thought out (and very helpful) response specific to my question. Truly special service in this day and age of automatic emails and cookie cutter responses. Don't even waste your time trying to look elsewhere for Tundra brake upgrades, AdventureTaco has the best information and the unique parts needed.

    Thank you Dan

  15. Dylan Cook

    Looking forward to getting these installed on the T4R.

  16. Mason Courie (verified owner)

    Dan was super helpful and responsive with all my questions and his products are all high quality. Thanks Dan!

  17. Donald Heckel

    Awesome product supported by excellent customer service. My Gen3 T4R Tundra brake upgrade was well worth it and wouldn't have done it without these! Thanks Dan!!

  18. Griff Osman

    Bought SS brake lines from Dan, and they work great! They shipped almost immediately after I ordered them and I received then a couple days later. Additionally, his blog is very informative and helpful and his customer service is outstanding.

  19. Jonas Hutchinson

    Though I have yet to install the kit (and I have no doubt it will work perfectly), the customer service experience has been outstanding. There was a shipping hiccup that was my own fault, and Dan was more than willing to work with me to get it fixed. Additionally, he sent me an email with detailed instructions for installation the moment I purchased the kit, and offered his time and expertise for future troubleshooting. Very satisfied already - if you’re looking for a product to switch your Tacoma or 4Runner to larger Tundra brakes, look no further.

  20. Travis Simmerman

    Great customer service, products, and step by step guide on how to replace them.

  21. alex miles

    Quality products, and good service!

  22. Tanner Howard

    Awesome place to get the parts you need to build your Toyota. They reached out to me the day after I ordered my brake lines. Dan offered up some great advice and info on the tundra=4runner brake conversion as well as links to their full write up. I love supporting smaller businesses like this because they also go above and beyond the competition

  23. Kyle Greschak

    Excellent customer service and shipping time! I ordered the stainless steel brake soft lines for the 4runner tundra brake upgrade and I couldn’t be happier. Shipped fast, was easy to install, and came with all the necessary hardware. Also Dan reached out to me personally to make sure I didn’t have any problems with install. Would definitely order from him again! Word of advice if you’re doing the tundra brake upgrade and have rusty hard lines, order new hard lines at the same time because they strip easy.

  24. Chad Bateman

    Dan is the man! My parcel was lost in the mail and Dan sent me another! Excellent support!

  25. Ethan Gullberg

    Definitely the place to go for the 4Runner Stainless Brake Lines for Tundra Brake Upgrade. Not only that the whole website is really cool, especially with the trip reports. Makes me want to get out and do some more adventuring!

  26. Bob Bean

    Ordered and delivered in less than 3days!!! Great customer service great product!!! 10/10 ?

  27. Jose Torres

    Excelente servicio

  28. Samuel Bardadin

    Super fast shipping, great lines!

  29. Alex X

    Quality stuff right here. Installed it over 6 months ago and lines still working great. Quick and easy install. Great lines and perfect product to finish my tundra brakes upgrade with a 3" lift on my 01 4runner. I would buy over and over again.

  30. Ryan Clark

    Upgrading to Tundra brakes on my 3rd gen T4R and this article and Dan made the upgrade super easy.

  31. Tommy Freiling

    I purchased the stainless steel brake cables from Adventure Taco and very happy with with them. Easy to install and paired well with my Tundra upgraded calipers on my 3rd Gen 4runner. Dan was also super helpful with my questions and helped explain the different caliper options as well why he chooses the OEM brake pads. Overall great customer service and would highly recommend!

  32. jaiden mitchell

    Thanks for the awesome product. I googled tundra brake upgrade on Google and your walkthrough is the best thing that pops up. Excited to get started on it.

  33. Ben


  34. Marty R

    Just what I needed to complete my Tundra upgrade. Fit perfectly with my 3” lift.

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