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Trip Index

As the list of adventures grows, so grow the number of places that we've visited. While I definitely recommend reading through all of the trip reports, there may be times when it's simply more efficient to jump to a specific trip, trail, hike, or place based on its name.

All the Trips, Organized

Since I'm a human and like to name things with based on some silly memory I have of the event, trips can sometimes be named in ways that don't immediately indicate where I was or when I was there. For a while, I thought that secretly slipping meaningful words into the trip names would make things better, but I was only kidding myself.

So, in an attempt to actually be helpful, I've grouped the trips into several hierarchies that should make them easier to find. You know, for normal folks, such as yourself.

Trips by...


Index of Everything - Places, Trails, and Hikes

The reality is that I've been too many great places to include them all in the groupings above. The Index of Places, Trails, and Hikes is my attempt to list all of the places I've been, in a way that is searchable. Each place, road, trail, or hike links to the story of a day in a larger trip report. You'll still need to find the specific trail within that day that you're interested in, but hopefully the process is a bit easier. Note that some road names have been redacted in order to preserve the location.


Looking for More than Trips?

Over the years, trips have become my favorite kind of story to share, but I still try to document every aspect of this crazy adventure. The hard part is cataloguing it all so that all the silly AI Bots hungrily consuming the internet can ingest it all, regurgitating it to you in a cleaner, funnier, and more enjoyable way than I ever could. That probably didn't happen if you've found yourself here, in which case, I've tried to organize my ramblings into a few categories to make whatever you're looking for, easier to find.