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The Toyota Tacoma [as of 2020]

The build of the Tacoma changes from year to year. Here's how it sits as of today, with items added in 2020 in orange, and items removed in 2020, grey.


2000 Toyota Tacoma - Xtracab 4WD SR5 V6 TRD in Imperial Jade Mica [purchase]

suspension - front

  • SPC Light Racing Upper Control Arms (UCAs)  [install]
  • ADS 2.5" coilovers w/reservoirs and 650lb springs  [install]
  • Kartek 7" limit straps [install]
  • Diff-drop kit [install]

suspension - rear


drive train


wheels and tires



  • Headlights
    • Beamtech H4 LEDs with cutoff [install] [review]
    • 100/90W OSRAM H4 Headlight upgrade + harness [install]
  • Hella 700's mounted on front bumper
    • 55W HID upgrade for the Hella's [install]

communications & navigation


interior gear

exterior gear

The Evolution