Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit

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Create the perfect connection from a Tacoma to 13WL (or 13WE) calipers. Available with Gray, Red, or Blue stainless steel lines.

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If you're working on a Tundra brake upgrade for your 1st gen (96-04) Tacoma, one of the things you'll need to decide is whether you want to run a soft line all the way to the caliper (as is done with stock Tacoma calipers) or if you want to swap the lines to match the Tundra - where a hard line makes the final connection to the caliper.

I wrestled with this too, and it's worth reading why it's important to do this right - that is, to convert the caliper line to a hard line - which is written up in Making It Right: Tacoma-to-Tundra Brake Upgrade.

Until now, the only option to convert to soft+hard lines was the LCE kit at $180 or so shipped (to the lowe 48). That's a ton of money for some brake lines, so I'm now offering an equivalent kit for a total of $120, shipped.

This hard line kit now contains all the necessary parts including the soft lines, but does not include or require a rear brake line - saving you even more money.

The kit includes:

  • Two hard lines, bent to fit between a 13WL caliper and the (included) spindle bracket. One right and one left.
  • Two spindle brackets, meant to secure the connection between the hard and soft lines.
  • Two brake line clips, to secure the soft line at the spindle bracket.
  • Two stainless steel soft brake lines (DOT approved, and made by the same folks that make Wheelers stainless brake lines) that connect the hard lines on the frame to the hard lines in the kit.

Brake line color options:



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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.75 in

10 reviews for Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit

  1. Austin McHaskel

    Good product. Easy to install. Great communication and fast shipping. Thanks for helping out the community with lower pricing!!!

  2. tacomataco2

    just ordered the kit! thanks for making this available! I had some half assed lines before

  3. digitalferg

    Lookin to replace my older lines for the tundra brakes on my Tacoma and I'm liking this setup. Dropped you an order a bit ago. Looking forward to getting the goods. 😎

  4. Jason

    I just did the upgrade and the new brakes are great, your brakeline kit worked perfect.

  5. Tuan Dung

    Very fast shipping. Great communication. Parts look to be in great quality. Dan is a pleasure.

  6. Frank Hamsleter

    I had no problems at all, instructions were great! I bought this setup to run 13WL 231mm Toyota Tundra brakes on my 2000 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad. Overall, great kit with OEM brackets, hard brake lines, and really nice stainless lines.

  7. Forever Trill

    Did the tundra brake upgrade. Top tier equipment, best tier website with the great instructions to get everything done RIGHT. Cant recommend enough.

  8. William Hanahan

    Exactly what I was looking for! Purchased the Tacoma brake upgrade kit, very detailed instructions we provided on the webpage.

  9. sam walker

    These brakes lines are the missing link to finish your Tundra (13wl) brake upgrade. This is the best option out there and OEM quality. Thanks again man!

  10. tobysan1966

    Great experience with this company and the parts! They make sure you have a complete kit, instructions and all the inside info for your project.

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