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Bed Rack

Pricing: $425 + shipping

The ultimate bed rack for 95.5-04 Tacoma's. This is a mid-height rack that sits approximately 8” above the bed sides and 23" above the bottom of the bed. This height that results in a RTT being flush (or just slightly below) the roof line (center of cab), except for the ladder which sticks just slightly above.

All steel, the rack is strong enough to hold hundreds of pounds - an RTT plus other accessories (hi-lift, shovels, etc.) is no problem. Construction of the rack includes:

  • platform of the rack is made of 1x1” .09 square tube, approximately 38x38"
  • the legs are 1x2” .125 rectangle tube
  • the feet are 1½” .125 angle, 39" long
  • stainless steel mounting hardware with 4 points of attachment.

Note: attaching the rack requires drilling four holes in the bed rail (two per side)

Weight is approximately 50 lbs.


  1. Prime and paint - $225 - includes surface prep, Rustoleum primer, and your choice of enamel or undercoating.
    Note: May need to be touched up after shipping.
  2. Hi-Lift mounting hardware (non-locking) - $30 - includes all the necessary hardware to mount your jack on the driver or passenger side.
    Note: requires drilling two holes in the rack, which I can do for you if you’d like.
  3. 12v switched electrical box - $90 - includes two Blue Sea Systems switched 12v outlets (cigarette style) in a weatherproof housing that you can attach to the rack to supply power to the bed. Comes pre-switched/wired, with ~6 inches of 14ga wire outside the box.
    Note: requires wiring to battery/power source, not included.

You can of course add many of your own options, suck as Quick Fists, etc. to hold other accessories.

Bed Rack (some with Hi-Lift mount)

12v power box