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Trip Destination: Anza-Borrego


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is in the extreme south of California on the Mexico border offers many different landscapes in which you can lose yourself for days. As a state park, it's not as pristine as a National Park, but with a bit of effort you can still find the hidden gems that make this place sing. With plenty roads to explore, history to absorb, and natural wonders to see, you don't want to miss this special place.

Note: While Anza-Borrego is surrounded by civilization and there are generally quite a few people around, it is still easy to find yourself in a remote area, plan accordingly. Know where you can get fuel and water, and carry extra. If you are travelling alone, be extremely cautious - if you get stuck on some of the more remote roads, it could be many days before someone else comes along to help.

So you're interested in exploring Anza-Borrego? Here are a few highlights to check out, or check out one of the trips below.

Double Fun at Anza Borrego (Feb 2019)

Oh man, was this going to be fun. A trip like no other (so far). A trip with a twist. A trip that was actually two. Over the course of two weeks, we spent eight days in the park, split in half by a 10-day break where we headed back home via airplane. With so much time to explore, we covered as much of the park and surrounding area as we could, highlights including: Fonts Point - overlooking the badlands. Pumpkin Patch and the nearby Palm Oasis - outstanding for their contrast to the desert in which they're found. Calcite…

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