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Trip State: Montana

Pryor Mountains, Beartooth Mountains, Devil's Canyon, Cooke City, ...

Half a Trip in Montana (Oct  2023)

Since my first fateful trip with "the guys" from TacomaWorld in 2017, we've tried our best to get together every summer for an adventure. That's not to say that things haven't changed as some of the young guns - once carefree as school let out for the summer - have grown into jobs and families, our two-week jaunts shifting to five days of paid time off, our summer outings shifting into fall. Still, our friendships have persisted - and grown - and this year we are heading back to where (for me) The De-Tour started it all: Montana. As always,…

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Dead Ends (Jul 2020)

I've been asked by folks who don't go on as many trips as I do, "How do you know that the roads you plan on a route - using satalite imagery - are open?" The answer, of course, is that not every trip goes exactly as planned - and that's a good thing. It is what makes a trip into an adventure. This trip, to Idaho and Montana with Mike @Digiratus, Zane @Speedytech7 and Dan @drr was exactly that - an unplanned adventure - nearly every road we'd planned to take, CLOSED.  


The Re-Tour (Aug 2018)

How does that saying go? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, ..." If you've been a reader of previous trip reports, you may recall one of the craziest trips to date - The De-Tour - which occurred almost exactly one year ago. That trip was a great one for many reasons, but it had gone nothing like we'd expected - snowing or raining every day - eventually forcing us to abandon our Tour of Montana and Wyoming for what we hoped were clearer skies, in Utah. ...where it also rained on us. Even so, upon our return, we almost immediately…

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Montana in May (May 2018)

As part of a Memorial Day trip where we'd meet up with Mike and Monte, @mrs.turbodb and I headed to Montana for a few days of solo exploring before a weekend of group adventure. With great weather, it was big sky and green hills as we explored the Lewis and Clark National Forest, as well as nestle ourselves into the base of  The Crazies for one night of camping. Then, it was north to the Great Falls before turning west through the Boulder Range of the Rocky Mountains, eventually finding ourselves near Philipsburg where we enjoyed one of the longest,…

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The De-Tour (Sep 2017)

Billed as an epic journey through some of Monte @Blackdawg's favorite places in Montana and Wyoming over the course of two weeks in fall of 2017, The De-Tour quickly became a trip for the ages - and not because of the epic views or grand overlooks. Rather, it was the weather that made this trip memorable. Record cold temperatures for this time of year, and a weather system that stuck with us for days meant we were wet, cold, and muddy much of the time. After a week, we'd had enough. Tails tucked, much of the group split for home,…

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