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A late-night knock on the door - the Truck was hit

November 12, 2004.

Two weeks after moving from an apartment in Redmond to a house in Bellevue, we were setting up the house after work (at about 10pm) and there was a knock at the front door. And then, Gina found me in the back room and said, "someone needs to talk to you." Headed to the door, I had no idea that I'd soon hear that the son of the neighbor across the street had backed out of their driveway and into my truck, with his GMC Jimmy.

The result - Toyota of Burien cut out and replaced the back quarter panel of the cab on the driver side. The visible damage taken care of, the only bummer was that the sticker on the door pillar was also cut out and never replaced. I should get on that next week.

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