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Rig Reviews

These "Rig Reviews" are my way of providing feedback on what's working and what's not working with my setup. I've grouped them into categories here, but each individual review also links to related reviews, modifications, and maintenance for that area of the Tacoma or camp.

If you have a question, or would like me to review some aspect of my setup that you're curious about, drop me a note here.


Armor (7 entries)
Armor | Rear Bumper (3 entries)
Armor | Skid Plates (6 entries)
Body (and Bed) (8 entries)
Brakes (3 entries)
Camp Gear (7 entries)
Drivetrain (14 entries)
Drivetrain | Engine (3 entries)
Food (and Meals) (5 entries)
Gauges (1 entries)
Interior (11 entries)
Lighting (10 entries)
Photography (2 entries)
Photography | Drone (1 entries)
Recovery Gear (2 entries)
Seats (3 entries)
Steering (2 entries)
Storage Containers (4 entries)
Suspension (21 entries)
Suspension | Front (17 entries)
Suspension | Rear (4 entries)
Tent (13 entries)
Vehicle Storage (3 entries)
Vendors (2 entries)
Vendors | ARB (2 entries)
Vendors | CVT (2 entries)
Vendors | SPC (1 entries)
Wheels & Tires (8 entries)