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Tacoma-to-Tundra Hard Brake Line Upgrade Kit

Pricing: $60 + shipping

If you're working on a Tundra brake upgrade for your Tacoma, one of the things you'll need to decide is whether you want to run a soft line all the way to the caliper (as is done with stock Tacoma calipers) or if you want to swap the lines to match the Tundra - where a hard line makes the final connection to the caliper.

I wrestled with this too, and it's worth reading why it's important to do this right - that is, to convert the caliper line to a hard line - which is written up in Making It Right: Tacoma-to-Tundra Brake Upgrade.

Until now, the only option to convert to soft+hard lines was the LCE kit at $180 or so shipped. That's a ton of money for some brake lines, so I'm now offering an equivalent kit for a total of approximately $120 ($60 for the hard lines from me, and then you purchase your desired stainless steel lines directly from the manufacturer).

This hard line kit contains all the necessary parts except for the soft lines, since several vendors already sell those for a reasonable price. Additionally, my kit does not include or require a rear brake line - saving you even more money.

The $60 kit includes:

  • Two hard lines, bent to fit between a 13WL caliper and the (included) spindle bracket. One right and one left.
  • Two spindle brackets, meant to secure the connection between the hard and soft lines
  • Two brake line clips, to secure whatever soft line you purchase at the spindle bracket.

And is used in conjunction with one of the following brake line sets which you order yourself: