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First Time Fishing (Aug 2023)

With @mini.turbodb getting bigger, only two viable seats in the Tacoma, and having sold the family 4Runner, it's a lot harder to get the whole family out to our favorite camp site on a regular basis. Of course, with @mini.turbodb getting older, the thought of spending time in the woods - away from showers, mirrors, and technology - and having to put up with parents - peskier creatures than mosquitoes - isn't all that appealing anyway.

And yet, several times over the last six months, she has mentioned the desire to try fishing for the first time.

So, when @mrs.turbodb got called out of town, and we had a couple mid-week summer days with no camps or practices, it seemed like as good a time as any to introduce the kiddo to the joy of reeling in dinner. And then killing it. And gutting it. And then savoring the sweetness!

Or at least, trying!



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