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Scouting Black Rock Desert (Apr 2021)

Burning Man. I've never been and don't really ever feel like I will have the need to go, but the location - a big flat playa in the middle of a bunch of wilderness - has always intrigued me. Then, while I was researching side trips for our trip along the Nevada Backcountry Discovery Route (NVBDR) last year, I stumbled upon a few photos of High Rock Canyon, just north of the Black Rock Desert - wow!

The desert turned out to be too far from the NVBDR for us to make the trip at the time, but ever since it's been nagging at me to check it out. With a few days here in the spring, it was the perfect time to get away for what I'm sure will be the first of many trips to this spectacular region of Nevada!

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  1. Keith
    Keith May 6, 2021

    High Rock Canyon is awesome! Lots to see and do out around the playa.

  2. turbodb
    turbodb May 8, 2021

    We had a great time Keith, can't wait to get the story posted!

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