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The Perfect Day for Something Stupid (Mar 2024)

I love nearly every aspect of getting out to explore. The research when I'm at home. The anticipation of what will be found along the way. The unexpected discoveries along the journey. And, of course, the excitement of finding the destinations themselves.



    JOHN D MORAN April 21, 2024

    Waiting with baited breath! When we were younger, my desert/mountain/mine exploring friends and I were always up for something stupid! Now, at my very advanced age I see those times as lucky to have survived!

    • turbodb
      turbodb April 21, 2024

      LOL, perhaps I've oversold the "stupid" in the title, as it is a quote from someone else.

      At the very least, it demonstrates for me that you and I have a more similar definition/connotation of what might be entailed in "stupid" than this other person. To me, his "stupid" rung slightly of "normality," though that didn't mean we weren't going to have a great time! 😉

  2. Bill Rambo
    Bill Rambo April 23, 2024

    Dang, slice the cake and not serving......come on D!!

    • turbodb
      turbodb April 23, 2024

      LOL. Patience. I'm hoping to get the story (that I've clearly oversold) ready and posted this weekend.

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