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Trip Date: 2019

Epic journeys and unfinished business.

SE Idaho's Indian Hot Springs, City of Rocks, and Craters of the Moon (Jul 2019)

In what would become nearly a month in the state of Idaho, we left for our first trip as the calendar ticked over to July. On the schedule were two places I'd had on my list for a while - Indian Hot Springs and Idaho's City of Rocks State Park.…

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"Best Day of My Life" - @mini.turbodb's First Trip in the 4Runner (May 2019)

With all the recent work on the 4Runner, I wasn't the only one who wanted to put it all to the test. Upon seeing the storage/sleeping platform, @mini.turbodb had declared, "We need to go camping right away!" I don't know if she's been well-trained or it was just a wrinkle…

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We Go Sledding and @mini.turbodb Didn't Hate It! (Jan 2019)

With Christmas vacation in full swing, we've been having a great time. There are lots of new toys to play with around the house, there are activities to keep us busy during the day, and the newly introduced household chores - and associated weekly allowance - have @mini.turbodb in high…

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