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Ruining Around Utah (Mar 2019)

I've been to Canyonlands National Park before, but only to The Maze District. This, my first trip to The Needles District would be an experience I won't soon forget. We'd spend a week roaming around Utah, running the Elephant Hill trail and making our way into Beef Basin. We'd hike to the Druid Arch - a spectacular trek through cany and over red rock that is worth every moment of soreness you'll feel when it's over. And then, as if everything we'd seen wasn't enough, we'd head to Natural Bridges National Monument for the full tour. I must admit, it's less "tour" and more "work," in that like Druid Arch, the hike is a long one - but the reward is so #WorthIt.

The whole time, we seemed to hop from ruin to ruin, each one similar and yet different than the others. Some were well known, and others are kept secret, their locations only known to those who stumble upon them during an adventure.

Ruining Around Utah Ruining Around Utah 1 - Stopped in our Tracks at The Needles - Just before our two trips to Anza-Borrego, Monte @Blackdawg reached out to see if we were interested in a late-March trip to Canyonlands and some hiking of a few nearby slot canyons - perhaps even some that we'd attempted in our F.U.Rain trip last year. Not really realizing how close…
Ruining Around Utah Day 2 - Don't Miss Druid Arch Ruining Around Utah 2 - Don't Miss Druid Arch - Before heading to bed, Monte (@Blackdawg) tried his best to prep us for what lay ahead. "It's a long hike." he said. "We can make it 10 miles or even 14, depending on the route we take. But don't worry, it's mostly flat." Well, it wasn't mostly flat - except…
Ruining Around Utah Day 3 - Stymied by Snow in Beef Basin Ruining Around Utah 3 - Stymied by Snow in Beef Basin - Bobby Jo camp couldn't have provided a more pleasant place for us to sleep for the night - temperatures just right and only a light breeze to keep the air moving around within the tent. Having hit the sack relatively early, I'd been sure to set my alarm for sunrise…
Ruining Around Utah 4 - Over-Under & Saving a Jeep Ruining Around Utah 4 - Over-Under & Saving a Jeep - March 27, 2019. Unlike basically every other night where wind and snow were possible in the forecast, this night turned out to be just as pleasant as the last , and when my alarm went off for sunrise, I was well-rested and ready to see what the day had in…
Ruining Around Utah 5 - Canyoneering Natural Bridges National Monument Ruining Around Utah 5 - Canyoneering Natural Bridges National Monument - March 28, 2019. It was a chilly night - at least compared to the last - our tents covered in a layer of frozen dew when I awoke in the morning. A quick glance out the window was enough for me to realize that no spectacular sunrise would be visible…
Ruining Around Utah 6 - Hite to Home Ruining Around Utah 6 - Hite to Home - I was sure to get up early for our last morning in Utah - our location on the top of a plateau ideal for capturing the sunrise over Bears Ears. As it does, the light started subtly, working it's way to brilliant oranges and pinks above the horizon - one…


  1. Keith
    Keith July 12, 2021

    Great photos! Looks like a fun trek. My buddy and I are planning a week long trip from Texas to Utah in September. My truck is built similar to yours and I enjoy a good mix of technical trails and great sights. Is this a course that you would recommend? Or is there another trip that you have enjoyed more that you might recommend?

    • turbodb
      turbodb July 12, 2021

      Hey Keith, this was a fantastic trip and one I would definitely recommend. There was a bunch of hiking, which isn't to everyone's taste. But there's so much to do in Utah, you can always find more trails around Moab. I'd love to hear what you end up with!

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