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Trip Destination: EMHT (East Mojave Heritage Trail)

EMHT (East Mojave Heritage Trail)

The East Mojave Heritage Trail (EMHT) was developed by Dennis Casebier in the 1980s as an alternate overland route to the better known - and much shorter - Mojave Road. Even back in the 1980s, the Mojave Road was seeing a reasonable amount of vehicle traffic, and Casebier's goal with the EMHT was to try and disperse the concentrated vehicle traffic through the East Mojave region, while also introducing people to the lesser visited areas of the East Mojave Desert.

As he did with the Mojave Road, Casebier created a series of guide books - one for each of the 4 segments of the EMHT - that contained detailed information about the history of the region, mining history, railroads and other industrial developments, geology, flora and fauna, and tons of quirky stories.

Unfortunately, with the implementation of the 1994 Desert Protection Act, which established the Mojave National Preserve and designated Wilderness Areas, the trail was closed in at least 13 places impacting a minimum of 75 miles - thus rendering the guidebooks useless as navigational aids.

More recently, Billy Creech - an avid desert rat and president of the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association - took it upon himself to write a series of supplements that can be used with the original guidebooks to once again travel the EMHT.

Wrapping up the EMHT (Jan 2024)

After running the first two segments of the East Mojave Heritage Trail (EMHT) with Mike and Zane last month, and then returning for the third segment with @mrs.turbodb only a week later, it was less of a question of "where" and more a question of "when" my first trip of 2024 would take place. The "where" - of course - would be the final, fourth segment of the 770-mile long route, winding my way through the Mojave Trails National Monument and the Turtle Mountain Wilderness. Segment 1: Needles to Ivanpah - 173 miles Segment 2: Ivanpah to Rocky Ridge -199…

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A Bit More EMHT (Dec 2023)

There was no way we were going to run the entirety of the East Mojave Heritage Trail when we set out to do it at the end of November. At something more than 700 miles long - even without the nearby side-adventures that I added for our enjoyment - it might seem like a Backcountry Discovery Route, but the roads are significantly slower and more technical, and the percentage of on-dirt miles is significantly larger. Frankly, these two things make it easily twice the length of a BDR, not to mention the fact that we were trying to do it at…

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East Mojave Heritage Trail (Nov 2023)

For the first time in five years, the "annual" TacomaWorld trip has morphed into two trips. I suppose, technically, I should call it a trip-and-a-half, given the debacle that became Half a Trip in Montana, but I prefer to see the glass always full (there's always something in there) so we're just going to call it two. The timing of the second trip - in December - clearly ruled out anything up north, so returning to Montana for redemption would just have to wait until next year. Plus, given the unexpectedly good time that we had in Death Valley a…