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East Mojave Heritage Trail (Dec 2023)

For the first time in five years, the "annual" TacomaWorld trip has morphed into two trips. I suppose, technically, I should call it a trip-and-a-half, given the debacle that became Half a Trip in Montana, but I prefer to see the glass always full (there's always something in there) so we're just going to call it two.

The timing of the second trip - in December - clearly ruled out anything up north, so returning to Montana for redemption would just have to wait until next year. Plus, given the unexpectedly good time that we had in Death Valley a couple years ago, it only made sense to return to the desert. While the default would have normally been exploring more of the park, Hurricane Hillary - in August - left the road system in shambles and most of the place was still closed to the public.

And so, we're headed even further south in the Mojave Desert - to the East Mojave Heritage Trail (EMHT).

Created in the late 1980s by Mojave Desert explorer and historian Dennis Casebier, rather than following an established historical route like the Mojave Road, the EMHT is a comprehensive tour through some of the most remote portions of the East Mojave Desert.

Split into four segments and more than 700 miles long - even without the nearby side-adventures that I added for our enjoyment - that would be a lot of ground to cover in two weeks, so we're going to try to complete it in one!

Segment 1: Needles to Ivanpah - 173 miles
Segment 2: Ivanpah to Rocky Ridge -199 miles
Segment 3: Rocky Ridge to Fenner - 211 miles
Segment 4: Fenner to Needles - 155 miles


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  1. Russ Miller
    Russ Miller November 27, 2023

    I hope you purchased the wonderful set of 4 books on the East Mojave Heritage Trail sold by the Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association. You can find the MDHCA at Current info is that Sections 2, 3, and 4 are passable with technical sections. Section 1 on the Mojave Road is impassible through the Paiute Range but there are directions on the MDHCA Site for a bypass. I always love your write-ups on your wonderful adventures... I can't wait to read this one. I plan on doing these routes after I retire...

    • turbodb
      turbodb December 2, 2023

      Thanks Russ. I know of the books, but I've not purchased them as I know the Mojave pretty well and have travelled most of the EMHT route over the course of previous adventures (without knowing it!). We just (today) wrapped up sections 1 and 2 over a 5-day period (short winter days make doing the whole thing in a week... impossible I'd say). Both were easily passable for rigs like mine. The "bypass" of the Mojave Road in section 1 is the same bypass that's existed for more than a decade (AFAIK) - heading up over Paiute Pass, since the Mojave Road is closed at Fort Paiute.

      Pretty fun trip, can't wait to get the photos processed and the story written. Glad to hear that you're looking forward to seeing it! 👍

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