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Trip Destination: Owyhee


Idaho-whyee (May 2023)

 With the warmer weather finally making its way north, and the Tacoma at home for a bit of maintenance after the last several months of living in Las Vegas, @mrs.turbodb and I thought that it would be fitting to mark the anniversary of our very first trip in the Tacoma by visiting the Owyhee. We wouldn't explore exactly the same spots - we rarely do - but we'd find ourselves in wonderfully similar surroundings, the fleeting green grass of spring welcoming us back. This time, we'd explore the Idaho side of this amazing wilderness, discovering - along the way -…

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Owyhee Out-and-Backs (May 2022)

I always look forward to the changes of spring. Warmer weather pushing north means that the snow melts, opening up more places for exploration. For a short time, everything seems so green and colorful. Flora showing off their brightest colors to the world - perhaps with the exception of fall aspen - celebrating the longer days with enthusiasm. Usually - no matter where I'm headed - I look for routes that are through - or at least loop - routes, giving me as much new terrain as possible over my limited time in the outdoors. That - naturally - leaves…

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Owyhee West (May 2021)

The Owyhee Canyonlands - the little known Grand Canyon of Oregon - have miles and miles of roads to explore, and solitude to enjoy. Located in the southeast corner of the state and spilling into Idaho, the Owyhee River runs north-to-south through the vast landscape. Having previously limited our explorations to the east side of the river, we decided it was finally time to venture across the water and see what we could find along the west bank!    

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Owyhee Outback (Mar 2021)

I've visited the Owyhee region of Oregon several times, each time discovering something new, something special. The region, located in southeast corner of the state, seems to be an empty wasteland - and nothing could be farther from the truth. Surely, it is remote, and from any single spot the landscape can seem monotonous - but all it takes is a little looking to find the gems hidden in plain sight. With a few days to explore, I decided it was time to look for remote areas I'd never before visited. Stringing together a series of roads that I hoped…

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Owyhee Redux (May 2020)

It seems like we were just in the Owyhee Uplands - because we were! We'd wrapped up our previous trip from Idaho's Owyhee Uplands to Oregon's Alvord Desert less than a month earlier, but when a few buddies wanted to get together for a Memorial Day adventure, it seemed like a great place to return! This time, we'd start at the north end of the Owyhee Canyonlands near Lake Owyhee, and head south towards Three Fingers Rock and the north edge of Jordan Craters. Then, we'd turn east through Silver City, Idaho to the Big Jack Creek Wilderness and eventually…


Owyhee Uplands (Apr 2020)

In all of our trips to the Owyhee area, we've only ever really explored the western half - the Owyhee Canyonlands. Of course, there's some really cool stuff there - Three Forks, Coffepot Crater, the Honeycombs, Snively Hot Springs, and Juniper Gulch - but the Owyhee area is quite a lot larger than its Oregon acreage. With this trip, we were going to change all that - and then some! Our plan - at least at the beginning - was to hit up the Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway, a ~100 mile journey from Grand View, Idaho to Jordan Valley, Oregon,…

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Winter Escape - Hot Springs & the Alvord Playa (Oct 2018)

"Let's go somewhere." said @mrs.turbodb after I'd been home just a short time from my previous trip. That was of course fine with me, and so we set about finding a place to go. It was going to be cold and rainy on the Washington coast, so we set out looking for somewhere warm. Now, we only had a few days, so that limited our options - essentially to adjacent states. Oregon was our best bet for warmth, so we started looking for options there - and it didn't take long to fill out the itinerary. Ever since visiting the…

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Owyhee Canyonlands (May 2016)

It was just like any other work week. Or at least, any other week where you go to work for half a day Monday; take a 24-hour flight to India at 6pm; work in India for 34 hours; and then arrive back in Seattle at 7am Friday morning after 24 more hours in the air. Except it wasn't. Memorial Day the following Monday meant a four-day weekend, and that meant that this was the perfect week for an extended camping trip. Where would we go? Being May, our normal haunts in the Pacific Northwest were still largely under snow, and…

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