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Garmin inReach Mini is Great

The inReach Mini is now part of what I take on every hike.

TL;DR - After a couple solo trips where I had limited cell coverage, and some thinking I should have done long ago, I now have an inReach Mini.

I've known for a long time that - especially on trips where mine is the only truck - I should be carrying an emergency satellite locator device. The problem - for me - is the subscription; I hate subscriptions. However, I finally realized that the subscription for the Garmin inReach Mini is such a small percentage of the overall amount that I spend on this hobby that it is silly for me to have it. And so, now I do. I haven't used it much so far, but I'll throw together a bit more info about it, why I decided to buy it over other options, and how I have it configured in an upcoming post.

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