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Mileage milestone - 60K

July 2, 2016.

It's been close for a while, and it's been a long time coming, but on our way out of town for a what would become an off-road adventure to a brand new site - the truck hit 60K miles.

That's an average of 3,600 miles each year, or a whopping 300 miles per month. Except that I'd driven it 10K miles in the first two months, so it's really more like 200 miles per month over the life of the truck.

This truck is going to last me forever.

I hope.

So we arrived at our super-secret-undisclosed-location-that-you-have-to-rush-to-or-someone-else-will-get-there-first, and several someone's had gotten there first. In fact, the best site™, along with the second- and third-best sites were taken.

We were bummed. @mini.turbodb was tired. And then, we had an idea.

See, there's this site that's been inaccessible to car for the last several years due to a few blow-downs, but it's perfectly positioned - with an overview of and access to the creek, plenty of space for hanging out, and away from everyone else.

So it was time to break our own trail.

Doing so required some digging, some tree removal, and some careful driving (and videography), but an hour later we'd made it the 50' through the forest (around the blow-downs) necessary to get back onto the road.

Stop reading. Watch this amazing video of our trailblazing. Amazing. Or at least fun.

With that, it was on to camp, where we all enjoyed ourselves. @mini.turbodb, playing with her found "knife stick," @mrs.turbodb reading, and me building another larger-than-@mini fire. Of course, there was also delicious food, lots of playing/skipping rocks down at the creek, and for the first time, @mini.turbodb got her own tent - next to the truck.

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