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Death Valley Connections (Jan 2020)

Death Valley is always full of wonderful surprises. Experienced where they are never expected, they make for memorable trips and are one of the reasons I keep going back.

This time, I was going solo; sort of. Sure, there were a couple spots - Hidden Dunes being the most prominent - that I planned to keep to myself, but I also hoped that this would be a trip of new beginnings and old friendships. See, I planned to meet - for the first time - a fellow adventurer that I'd been trying to cross paths with for the last two years, and I hoped that my last day in the park would be spent with an old buddy.

Little did I know how amazing the whole thing would turn out.


Death Valley Connections Part 1 (Jan 2020) Death Valley Connections Part 1 (Jan 2020) - Prologue It was 4:04am on a Wednesday morning when I pulled out of the driveway and pointed the Tacoma south towards Death Valley. I was looking forward to the warmer weather - the forecast in the mid-70°F's - but even more than that, I was looking forward to the company. Because - while I was all alone for this leg of the trip - I planned on making two connections in the next several days that were long overdue. But first I had to make it south. At 20 hours - with refueling and food - it would be a…
Exhilaration at Hidden Dunes - Death Valley Connections #2 Exhilaration at Hidden Dunes | Death Valley Connections #2 - From the get-go, I'd known that my second day in Death Valley would be my fullest. As such, I'd done my best to set myself up for success by camping at the trailhead for my first hike of the day - though "trailhead" might be giving significantly more credit than is due. Camped in Eureka Valley, I knew that the Last Chance Range would block any sort of early-morning sunrise, but that didn't mean I was up any later. Rather, even as the sun was still behind the mountains, I was up and prepping for my first hike - eating…
Up and Down - Death Valley Connections #3 Up and Down | Death Valley Connections #3 - Previously, you may recall... It was just before 1:00pm when I arrived back at the truck, and I had a decision to make: the day's plan called for another ~8.5 mile loop hike high into the Last Chance Mountains, but I wasn't sure I'd have enough time before the sun went down. My options - perhaps obviously - were to try for the full hike, skip it altogether, or cut the hike in half by making it an out-and-back rather than a loop. Ultimately I knew there was no way I'd be happy with myself if I skipped it altogether, and…
Full Circle - Death Valley Connections #3 Full Circle | Death Valley Connections #4 - It had been 9:00pm or so by the time I'd finally climbed up into the tent to head to bed, and I'd hoped that my second connection of the trip would show up as I slept - the plan, to spend the following day (today) together exploring a few interesting areas around Eureka Valley. Hoping to make that connection easier, I'd left my APRS on in the truck, and I'd also left a couple paper plates attached to creosote bushes along the road in hopes that they'd be spotted by the amazingly bright lights that I knew this fellow explorer…


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