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Escape to the Sierras (Jun 2020)

I can safely say that trips to ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮  with Pops have now become a tradition. I suppose I could have said that after the second trip to this special place, but with a third in as many years, I hope it continues for many more. This time, for the first time, @mrs.turbodb came along - and she, like everyone else who discovers this magical place, enjoyed herself thoroughly.

Escape to the Sierras (Jun 2020) We've Arrived in Paradise | Escape to the Sierras #1 - Prologue This was a trip I'd been waiting for. Well, not this trip exactly, but a trip to this location - - in the Sierra National Forest. See, after our last trip there, Pops and I regularly chatted about our next chance to visit this special place - we'd planned for it to happen in early July, but we'd both been keeping an eye on snow levels and road-and-forest status since January. At that time, COVID-19 wasn't something we were concerned about at all, but as winter turned to spring... and as the snow levels dropped, the closed status of…
We Discover Tip of the Spear - Escape to the Sierras #2 We Discover Tip of the Spear | Escape to the Sierras #2 - Note: Several places in this story are redacted. If you recognize any of the places shown in the photos, please help to keep them special by not mentioning their names or locations. The next couple of days flew by faster than I think any of us expected - or wanted. We shouldn't have been surprised, really, because that always seems to happen when you're somewhere fun and surrounded by people whose company is enjoyable. And while the weather got a little more overcast - and a little cooler - they were still pleasant and went a little something like this...…
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