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Breakfast the Easy Way

Adding blueberries to breakfast is a huge win. They aren't cheap, but they are worth it.

TL;DR - we're always looking for ways to speed up meal time. Storing spoons, bowls, cereal, and paper towels separate from the rest of the kitchen stuff - and within easy reach - makes breakfast a snap.

In order to maximize exploration and relaxation, we're always looking to streamline meal preparation. Breakfast - when we usually just eat cereal with fruit - was always a pain because we had to get out the dry box for the cereal, the kitchen box for the bowls and spoons, and the fridge for the milk and fresh fruit. Six months ago, I made a small change: I put the bowls, spoons, paper towels, and cereal in the cab of the truck - just sort of thrown in wherever they fit, since none of them are fragile - and suddenly, breakfast is so much more convenient! We've gone from needing to pull everything out of the bed of the truck (when it's generally the coldest part of the day) to only needing to open the fridge for the milk and blueberries. Awesome.

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