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Toyota Tundra OEM Brake Pads

I highly recommend Toyota Tundra OEM Brake Pads.

TL;DR - I couldn't be happier with the performance, longevity, and low dust of the Toyota Tundra OEM brake pads.

They aren't cheap, since you have to buy both brake pads (04465-35290) and shims (04945-35120) separately, but these pads have lasted me over four years and 120,000 miles, with a truck that weighs 5,500lbs! I don't know what I expected when I installed them in October 2017 as part of the Tundra Brake Upgrade - one of my first mods to the Tacoma - but they've certainly outperformed anything I could have imagined. I've replaced them with the same product again and look forward to another long service life!

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