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Replacing the wimpy horn

May 18, 2016

First generation Toyota Tacoma's are known as great trucks. The horns - specifically on 2000 Tacoma's - not so much. For some reason, Toyota decided to only put "half a horn" in the 2000's, and it's obvious. The thing is wimpy. It's quieter than my Honda CBR 600 F2 motorcycle. It's time to make a change.

As with most projects, this one starts with opening up the hood, and in this case, taking off the grille, which is held on with 8 little retaining clips.

And with that, the weakness that is the OEM horn is revealed. Simple enough to remove (a one-wire harness), it was out in no time and I'd wired in two spade connectors - one for each of the 130db Fiaam "Freeway Blaster" horns that I'd purchased as a replacement. Those puppies had to be crammed in a bit, but they worked out just fine.

And now, the horn is loud. Still a bit high-pitched, but at least you know someone's there.


  1. Kory
    Kory May 20, 2018

    I love that I can wonder how other people have installed two Fiamm horns in their 1st gen Tacomas and be able to find your website that perfectly matches!

    Do you remember how you mounted the lower horn?

    • turbodb
      turbodb May 20, 2018

      I mounted both horns using the steel mounting bars that came with the horns, and existing mounting hole locations.

      The top horn is mounted to the location of the OEM horn (as you can see in the last photo). Unlike the photo shows however, I've since changed it so the opening is pointing down (vs. up) to reduce water infiltration.

      The bottom horn is mounted by removing a bolt that is down and further to the passenger side under the top horn, and then using that bolt to secure the horn (and I believe a hard line bracket or something like that.

      Hope that helps - if not, let me know and I can go take a closer look.

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