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Tag: annual review

Gear Roundup | What I Take With Me On Trips (2023 edition)

December 31, 2023. Another year in the books. Unlike previous years, there weren't any big changes to the way I planned for trips or the gear that I brought along. Rather, it was a year of small tweaks, with most of my energy going towards exploring and enjoying myself in the outdoors. Taken with the Rig Reviews, this series of posts give a good sense of what's working and what's not with the setup. So, without further ado, let's dig into what's on and in the truck at the end of 2023! Additions for 2023 are marked in red. Items…


Favorite Photos | 2023 Edition

It's been another great year to be out exploring! It was a bit tougher to get out for much of the year - I haven't mentioned it anywhere, but my main task this year was a kitchen remodel for @mrs.turbodb. An nine-month project that started with building the cabinets, we consistently progressed through a down-to-the-studs demolition, load-bearing-wall-removal, replumbing, rewiring (bye bye knob and tube), and then rebuilding everything from there. I'm not a fan of hiring work out, so only the granite countertops were done by someone else. Still, I was quite happy to have still gotten out on a…


Favorite Photos | 2022 Edition

We've reached the end of the year again, a good time to look back at the last 12 months, contemplating everything that's happened and - as always - overanalyze it. Trips: 19 | Tent nights: 74 | Total photos: 4636 This year, looking through my favorite photos, I realized that more and more, I enjoy photos that don't contain the Tacoma. I don't know why this is exactly, and I don't expect that there will be fewer Tacoma shots in the future - it is the roaming gnome of my adventures - but I find it to be an interesting…


Favorite Photos | 2021 Edition

In what is becoming a tradition, I've combed through my photos from 2021 to find my favorites. In doing so, I realized that some are photos that I think are really good compositions, some are ones that have - to me - interesting coloring, and some are photos that recall a special - again, to me - memory or accomplishment. Trips: 20 | Tent nights: 87 | Total photos: 4361 I hope everyone enjoys them, and please - feel free to share your favorite below, or if you think I've overlooked one of my photos - of which I know…


Favorite Photos | 2020 Edition

Well, another year is in the books. It wasn't normal - not by any stretch of the imagination, but we were lucky to get a lot of great trips in despite the precarious situation that the world found ourselves enveloped by for most of the year. As the end of the year rolls around, I recalled enjoying the process I went through for the first time last year - picking through my photos from the year, re-remembering all the great times, so I figured I'd do it again! So let's get started. My Top 24 I see the light. (Exploring…


Favorite Photos | 2019 Edition

Well, another year is nearly in the books - with a lot more trips to amazing places, memories made with old and new friends alike. As the end of the year rolls around, I generally find myself looking ahead to what's coming rather than looking back - so I thought I'd step out of my groove and make a pass through all the photos from the last year, pulling out the ones I really liked for one reason or another. So let's get started. My Top 11 It's not easy coming up with my 10 favorite photos, so here are…