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Tag: hot springs

The Long Road to Silver City, Wickahoney, & Indian Hot Springs - Owyhee Redux #4

With canyon walls around us, and clouds in the sky, I didn't even set my alarm when we went to bed - so sure was I that sunrise would be a non-event. But, as often happens, my internal alarm woke me at just the right time. A quick peek out…


Saline Warm Springs & Cerro Gordo: Once is Enough - In Search of Overlooks #4

Unlike most nights, where the temps seem to drop to their lowest point just before sunrise, our night¬†high in the Inyo Mountains turned out to be just the opposite. At some point, I was so warm that I even removed one of the comforters in order to maintain a reasonably-cozy-and-not-all-sweaty…


Oregon-bound Chapter 2: Exploring Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

May 8-10, 2017. Day 1: Monday, May 8. Acquisition and installation of the CVT successful, we were off for a week of desert and back country exploration - so awesome. The first few days would be exploring the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge area with Dad and uncle, followed by four…

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