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Third Jerry Can

Nearly a full tank of gas.

TL;DR - I recently added a third jerry can to my pack-out for certain trips, and it's been great.

Winter means trips to the desert, and more specifically to the California desert. Trips to California mean high gas prices, and so I've added a third Scepter Military Fuel Can to my pack-out. While each can is rated for 5 gallons, in reality - by the time they expand a bit due to pressure - they hold almost exactly 5.75 gallons, meaning that three of them together can fill my tank from nearly empty, significantly reducing the amount of fuel I need to add at exorbitant prices.

So far, this has meant that I've only needed to fill up once in the Golden State, and even then, I was able to be selective about the service station I used. I've found Scepter MFCs - while they aren't cheap - to be by far the best Jerry Cans; there is a reason they are used by both the U.S. and Canadian militaries.

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