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Carrying Three (3) Jerry Cans of Fuel (Impressions)

These are the best fuel canisters out there. They are hard to get in the United States, but if you can, you should.

TL;DR - I've begun to carry three, 20L Scepter military jerry cans full of fuel and despite the extra weight, it's been great.

For a long time, I've carried two (2) 20L Scepter military jerry cans full of fuel. Each one holds about 5.9 gallons, giving me a reasonably good cushion when it comes to feeling confident that I can make it to fuel no matter how remote the roads I'm exploring have taken me.

As gas prices rose last year and with several trips to California in the works, I decided that it would be a good idea to add a third jerry can to the mix. Given that any trip to California entails travel through (at least) Oregon and Nevada, I could fill up all three containers for less than half of what I'd pay in California, resulting in 17.7 gallons of fuel - essentially an entire tank - that I could use to avoid the high priced stuff in the Golden State.

Additionally, the third container has been great to secure the tent on windy nights. Tied to the ladder, it keeps strong gusts from folding the tent closed with us inside. Previously I used the 5-gallon Scepter water canister for this, but as that empties over the course of a trip, the fuel container means that I've always got the maximum weight possible to fight the wind.

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