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Retracing Panamint Valley's Nadeau Trail

The Nadeau Trail follows the west side of Panamint Valley, roughly in a north-south direction between the Argus Range and the valley's paved roads. Measuring a scant 27 miles long - and for the most part completely straight - the casual observer may wonder if allotting three days to travel this road is two-and-a-half days longer than necessary... I can assure you that it is not. Colorful side canyons, historic mine sites, glorious overlooks, and mysterious geological formations easily filled our days to the brim.

And the icing on the cake? A hunt for, and ultimately discovery of, petroglyphs - a perfect way to finish the trip!


We Arrive to the Sound of the Desert - Nadeau #1 We Arrive to the Sound of the Desert - Nadeau #1 - You might expect that we were out of the house early for the ~18 hour drive from the Seattle area to Death Valley, but you'd be wrong. It was 8:00am when we pulled out of the driveway, and pointed the truck south towards our destination. Before long, the city gave…
Craters, Canyons and Cabins - Nadeau #2 Craters, Canyons and Cabins - Nadeau #2 - Having gone to bed early - partly because sunset was at quarter-to-five, but mostly because we're old-and-boring - I'd mentioned to @mrs.turbodb that we should also get up early because while the Nadeau Trail might only be 27 miles long, all of our side trips would mean a couple more packed…
A Most Scenic Destination and Unexpected Residents - Nadeau #3 A Most Scenic Destination and Unexpected Residents - Nadeau #3 - It was still a little before 2:00pm when we started back down the canyon towards the last segment of the Nadeau Trail - the segment that would lead us to the Modoc Mine. This mine was the reason that Remi Nadeau had built this trail - the ore from this…


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