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Three Days of R&R (Apr 2023)

I've been itching to get out of California for a while now. Over the last 16 months, a full 15 of my 24 trips have been to the Golden State, and I'm starting to miss the variety offered by places like Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. Of course, the high elevations and northern reaches are still snowed in, but there's never a shortage of amazing hiking and exploration to be done in the Grand Gulch and Cedar Mesa area So, with a few days to burn, I'm headed out in search of history.

With more than 30 miles of trails, it'd be a literal marathon of R&R - Rock art and Ruins!



Roaming Below Cedar Point | R&R 1 Roaming Below Cedar Point | R&R 1 - Note: Visiting Cedar Point (and Cedar Mesa in general) requires a pass. For more information, check out BLM Utah Cedar Mesa Permits and Passes Information. My trip got off to a rough start when my plane from Seattle to Las Vegas was delayed by an hour, just after I arrived at…
Wandering the West Fork of Johns Canyon | R&R 2 Wandering the West Fork of Johns Canyon | R&R 2 - Having thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cedar Point, I figured it'd take me about an hour to make my way north, up the Moki Dugway, and to my next destination along Johns Canyon; this time the West Fork. But, as had been the case earlier in the day, events conspired…
Road Canyon Three Ways | R&R 3 Road Canyon Three Ways | R&R 3 - I was pooped when I climbed into the tent on the edge of the West Fork of Johns Canyon. A full day of hiking (I'd covered more than 16 miles), after only a few hours of sleep (about five), meant that I knocked out a full three minutes of reading…



  1. jane doe
    jane doe April 12, 2023

    Is this still on the way?

    • turbodb
      turbodb April 12, 2023

      It is still on the way, just need to get through the backlog of trips I'm currently posting before I get to post this one. So, that means that as of right now, I'm working through the following two trip reports:

      1. My First Time in Joshua Tree
      2. Rock Art Three Ways

      I should note - I was originally planning to do this trip before the Rock Art Three Ways trip, but weather in Utah conspired (read: snowed) otherwise!

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