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My First Time in Joshua Tree (Feb 2023)

In all the years I've been exploring the deserts of southern California, I've never made it to Joshua Tree National Park. The reason - if a little lame - is also simple: it's just too far away.

Now, I know what you're thinking - they drive 20+ hours from Washington to Death Valley on a regular basis - and Joshua Tree is too far?

Yes. It's a few more hours, and even I have my limits for what are usually 5-day trips where we leave at 8:00am and need to get at least a few hours of sleep before starting the first of three days exploring before a maniacal drive home.

But, now that the Tacoma lives in Las Vegas and is a mere two-hour flight, a whole new range of possibilities has opened up. Couple that with an invitation from a buddy to go explore the Old Dale Mining District, and a seven-day stretch of time I could be away, and I was excited.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves, this trip is coming soon...Consider subscribing to be notified when it's here!

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