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Hella HIDs Fail to Turn On (2)

I'm not as happy with the HIDs in the Hellas as I was when I initially installed them.

TL;DR - My Hella's are working less and less now; I'm biding my time until the end of the year, when I hear that Diode Dynamics may have something fun coming.

I originally thought that my HIDs in the 7" Hella 700s were not turning on because there was a problem with the ballasts. I contacted DDM Tuning to initiate a lifetime warranty repair (which they were going to honor, though I'd have to pay shipping), but then decided I ought to try a different relay before sending in the ballasts. The relay seemed to fix the issue for a short amount of time, but then they stopped turning on again. While the issue may be the ballasts, I am not as much of a fan of the setup as I was initially - the ballasts add a lot of RFI to the electrical system, and the light pattern of the HIDs isn't great.

As such, for now, I'm going to start looking at replacement lights. I hear Diode Dynamics may have something coming out around the end of the year that I could find extremely interesting.

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