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Rig Review: What worked and what didn't - Summer 2021?

August 1, 2021.

It's been a while since the last Rig Review. Since then, I've put five trips and 20K more miles on the Tacoma. It has - as always seems to be the case - been fantastic.

  1. Scouting Black Rock Desert (Apr 2021)
  2. Owyhee West (May 2021)
  3. Forty-One Miles of Mesa (May 2021)
  4. New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (Jun 2021)
  5. Smoke in the Sawtooths (Jul 2021)
  6. One Night at Mt. Rainier (Jul 2021)

Let's do a quick rundown of things that are working well, and places that need a little TLC after the last bunch of miles.

I Need New Seats

Swapping seat bottoms isn't hard, and can eek a little more life out of existing seats at no cost.

TL;DR - After 21 years, my seats are worn out and I need to get new ones or refurbish the ones I've got.

Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings (update)

I definitely recommend genuine FKS bearings at -F1 tightness; not sure about the stainless steel variant yet.

TL;DR - The stainless steel bushings seem to be doing a bit better, but I'm not ready to say that they are the right way to go. Yet.

LCA & Front Diff Bushings Worn Out

All the bushings I replaced.

TL;DR - All the new bushings I installed recently seem to be doing great.

Hella HIDs Fail to Turn On (2)

I'm not as happy with the HIDs in the Hellas as I was when I initially installed them.

TL;DR - My Hella's are working less and less now; I'm biding my time until the end of the year, when I hear that Diode Dynamics may have something fun coming.

My Steering Rack is Leaking

The dreaded leak. Perhaps I'll rebuild it once the new rack is installed.

TL;DR - I noticed on the NMBDR that the steering rack was leaking. I'm going to replace it with a new OEM Power Steering Rack (44250-35042)

My Suspension Squeaks

Time for more new bushings.

TL;DR - Replacing my LCA bushings didn't resolve my squeaks. Time to start thinking about UCAs and rear leaf spring bushings.

I've Found a New Camp Chair

My first experience with the new chair was blissful.

TL;DR - I've traded in my low camp chair for a normal-height one. I'm liking it so far.

A Small Mod to My Ham Radio Antenna

A few seconds with the grinder, and I've reduced the threaded section by 1/8" or so. Problem solved!

TL;DR - The NMO mount on my Ham Antenna was just a little too deep, and the antenna would contact the roof when it was tightened down, leading to rust. I've fixed that with a bit of judicious grinding.

Seemingly solved from previous Rig Reviews

  1. LCA and Front Diff Bushings - resolved as noted above.
  2. The garage door opener installed in the headliner needs fixing - resolved as noted above.

Unchanged / Still an issue from previous Rig Reviews

There are some things that have been featured in Rig Reviews that are - as yet - unchanged from when I originally reviewed them. Rather than highlight those things again, I'll simply link to them here.

  1. Oil Leaking from Transfer Case
  2. Relentless Skid Plate Attachment
  3. The Drawer in the In-Cab Battery Cabinet Rattles
  4. Front ADS Coilover Spherical Bearings - I'm giving the new FK stainless steel bearings several thousand miles to see if they perform better.
  5. The Zipper on the CVT Tent is Shit - I don't know how I'll ever address this, short of getting a GFC.
  6. Hella HIDs fail to turn on, sometimes - My Hella's are working less and less now; I'm biding my time until the end of the year, when I hear that Diode Dynamics may have something fun coming.



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    • turbodb
      turbodb September 8, 2021

      Thanks Paul. My NMO mount is not leaking, but it might be nice to have a rubber gasket around the bottom, to keep the antenna base from touching the cab. Where do these gaskets sit? Do they go around the NMO base, or under it?

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