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I'm Loving the Truck in Las Vegas (One Year Update)

"Seems ...Unsafe."

TL;DR - Having the Tacoma in Las Vegas is by far the best thing I've done for exploring, ever. The convenience of not having to drive forever at the start/end of a trip is worth it alone. Icing on the cake is that it's been even cheaper than I originally estimated (which itself was cheaper than driving).

Moving the Tacoma to Las Vegas was the best "adventure" decision ever (for me). Everything I mentioned in my previous review still holds true, but I have a couple updates.


Cost. Previously I thought the cost of driving back and forth (vs. flying) would be about the same, but it's turned out to be significantly cheaper to fly. Granted, this is on Spirit Airlines (which comes with its own set of pros/cons), but the cost has been - on average - about $75 roundtrip, compared to the $250 I estimated (on Alaska). That saves about $700/month ($8400/year), which has cut my overall adventure expenses in half as compared to last year - $15,500 vs $27,924 - with approximately the same number of trips/nights.


Photo gear. Flying back and forth means that I don't have everything at home between trips. In general this hasn't been a problem, but it is rather inconvenient for all my photo gear (both the camera and drone). To address this, I've begun to shuttle my camera and my RF 24-240mm walkaround lens home between trips, but everything else still stays in the truck.


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