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I'm Not Happy with SPC (the Company)

Older SPC UCAs with SpecRide bushings vs. newer arms with the X-Axis joint.

TL;DR - I no longer recommend SPC upper control arms (UCAs) if they contain X-Axis bushings.

In my last rig review, mentioned replacing my UCAs due to a worn out bushing. Since then, I've added a significant update to Replacing my SPC Upper Control Arms ...with SPC UCAs which I think is worth highlighting here.

The new SPC UCAs that contain X-Axis joints are not lifetime parts as I was initially told by SPC when they convinced me to participate in their trade-up program. In fact, the life warranty (3 years, 36K miles) of an X-Axis joint is less than the lifetime that I got from a SpecRide bushing.

Not only that, but they are completely discontinuing the SpecRide bushings, so whatever is left in stock... is it.

For all the details, please read the update.

As I've not used the new arms long enough to know how long the X-Axis actually last, I can't say exactly how upset I am, but I've already acquired a set of used SPC arms that use the SpecRide bushings, as well as enough spare bushings that I should be covered for the life of my truck.


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