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Blackstone Labs Oil Test - My Engine is Happy

The full report, minus my deets.

TL;DR - I had my first oil analysis done, and with 235K miles on the Tacoma, it came back great.

I've sort of postponed getting a Blackstone Labs oil analysis, since I was worried about what it would say. For the first 16 years that I owned the Tacoma, I probably only got 4-5 oil changes - though, to be fair, I only drove the Tacoma a sum total of 40K miles in that time. Since then, I've put quite a few dirt miles on the truck, and since 2016 I've been using an aFE air filter - something that I like conceptually since I'm not buying and throwing away air filters all the time - but which I've heard isn't as good as using a paper filter.

At any rate, I feel like these numbers show that whatever I've been doing - even if completely by accident - has been well-received by my 5VZFE engine. Mostly, I think, is that I am a reasonably relaxed, grandpa-esque driver.

Your sampling method worked fine from what we can see. This first look inside of your Toyota is a great one. Universal averages show typical wear for this type of engine after about 5,800 miles on the oil. You went almost 7,000 miles on your oil and ended up with average or lower wear -- nice!

We aren't suspicious of any mechanical problems or poorly wearing parts based on these results. No harmful contamination like coolant, excess dirt, or fuel dilution was found. Try 9,000 miles on your next oil and check back to get trends

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