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I'm Starting to Question My Choice of GPS Navigation Software (new)

The detail of our location using BCN (left) and Gaia (right).

TL;DR - For years I've used Backcountry Navigator. After checking out Gaia on our last trip, I'm considering a switch.

When I started exploring in 2016, there wasn't much choice when it came to offline mapping applications. That, combined with the fact that the guys who introduced me to my first long trip used Backcountry Navigator, and it was an easy decision for me to use the same.

I started with the free version and ultimately splurged the $12 for BCN Pro (which is totally worth it). Then, when BCN XE (Android and iOS) was released, I loved the idea that it would work on both platforms, so I went with the 10-year plan.

I have to admit that I've been a little disappointed with BCN XE. The maps - and especially downloading offline maps - are better, but battery life and GPS accuracy are worse, and the iOS version still doesn't work all that well after three years of updates.

On our most recent trip to the Inyos, @mrs.turbodb downloaded Gaia onto her iPhone. Not only did it work well tracking our routes, but the default (free) map was significantly more detailed than any map I've been able to find on BCN. I can only imagine that the paid version - with overlays - is even better, so I may be jumping over to that platform for a little while to see how it compares with extended use.


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