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Verifying Offline Maps Prior to Departure

The Accuterra maps I had with me (left) vs. some actually useful maps I should have downloaded (right).

TL;DR - I got lazy with my offline maps this trip, since they've become so "easy" for me over the years, and it really bit me in the butt.

I've really come to rely on the maps I use with Backcountry Navigator XE as a part of my route planning. The Accuterra (Neotreks Land Use) maps have been fantastic all over the western United States, and so I didn't really think anything of it when I downloaded a big chunk of British Columbia, Canada for my trip across the border.

Unfortunately, the Accuterra maps are complete shit outside the US. This makes sense, as they are focused on US Land Use - it's even in the name!

Upon my return, I took a closer look at the map options that are available in the app, and I'm happy to report that there are some great options. I just need to be sure to download one of those next time, and do a quick check through my routes before I head into the unknown.

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