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My Headlights are Too Dim

TL;DR - My forward facing lights suck - I need brighter headlights, at least.

I've not liked my headlights for a long time; they are extremely dim. I believe that part of this is inherent to '98-'00 Tacomas - they all seem to have low light output and no good aftermarket replacements. It also doesn't help that my bulbs are over 20 years old at this point - likely outputting only a fraction of the light that they did when new.

I've added Hella 700FF Driving Lights to the bumper to try and compensate for the headlights - and they've been great, especially since I made them come on automatically when the hi-beams are engaged. Still, I'd like more light out of the front of the truck, given the countless hours I spend driving at night - largely on the highway, getting to/from a destination.

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