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I Need New Headlights (ongoing-ish)

Polishing worked OK, but quickly reverted back to the foggy state.

TL;DR - my headlight housings are getting foggy again. Given their age - original to the Tacoma - it's time to put in some new ones.

A couple years ago, I went through a saga of trying to figure out the best setup for headlights. First, I installed some LEDs. I liked them but they output a lot of radio frequency interference (RFI) so I went back to halogen, and upgraded my wiring to be able to power brighter bulbs, which has been fantastic, and is the route I would recommend going from the start.

In combination with polishing the (still original to the Tacoma) headlight housings, the new bulbs worked great for a while, but now they housings are getting foggy again.

This fogginess will happen more and more quickly with each polish, so I'm just going to put in entirely new Toyota OEM headlight housings (left) (right). It's important to get OEM housings for the headlights, as aftermarket do not reflect the light properly, thereby failing to provide more light down the road. They aren't cheap, but they aren't that expensive either, given what they do. Just another thing to add to my minor maintenance list for when the Tacoma finally comes home.

Clear headlight lenses make all the difference when it comes to night driving.

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