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My Headlights are Too Dim (fully resolved)

LED headlights on the left; upgraded halogens on the right. Both color and light output are improved!

TL;DR - I ditched the LEDs for high wattage halogens and couldn't be happier. Works great in all conditions.

As I noted in the previous rig review - I generally liked the LED headlights - more than I thought anyway - but had some issues with them when it came to RFI with the ham radio. As such, I decided I'd replace them with something less noisy, and I couldn't be happier with the Ultimate Headlight Upgrade - higher wattage halogens, and an upgraded wiring harness to run them.

I've driven in both good and inclement weather with this new setup and I've got to say that it's way better than the LEDs. One thing I hadn't really thought of was icing over of the headlights with the LEDs - something that's not an issue with the halogens which run significantly hotter, thus melting snow and ice off the headlight housings.

So yeah, I couldn't be happier now. Plenty of warm white light streaming out of the front of the Tacoma.

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