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My Horn/Hazard Fuse has Blown Twice

TL;DR - I think there's a short in one of my horns.

On my last couple of trips, I've noticed something strange. The first time, I was honking my horn at a couple of cows and suddenly everything went quiet - the horns had stopped working! I was pretty sure I blew a fuse (though I shouldn't have) but didn't worry too much about it - I don't use my horn all that frequently.

However, I later noticed that my hazards didn't work either. I use those more frequently when travelling to/from destinations and so I reasonably quickly swapped in a new fuse.

Then, it happened again on a second trip. I don't actually know when/how it happened the second time - I wasn't using my horn at all; I only noticed it when I went to turn on my hazards.

So, I likely have a short somewhere; my guess is in one of the horns (though, it's taken five years to manifest a problem; perhaps I've bumped the wiring in the work I've done recently). So, I'm going to be investigating and hopefully getting this sorted for the next adventure.

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