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New (to me) Transfer Case

TL;DR - the new transfer case seems to be working great so far.

After the input shaft bearing in my transfer case gave out on a trip to Death Valley, I quickly picked up a new (to me) transfer case from a local junkyard and swapped it into the Tacoma. My priority - of course - was to get back out on the trail as quickly as possible.

So far - some 5500 miles later, seems thing to be really great. As in, the replacement transfer case seems to be in much better shape than mine had been for the last several years. Ever since I initially had trouble with it, mine was a bit noisier than it'd been from the factory, so it's nice to know that I wasn't just hearing things when I thought something was awry.

From here on out, my plan is to rebuild the original case, but I'll be doing that when the days are longer and the weather warms up a bit, assuming I don't have some other trip planned into the wilderness!

In goes the new (to me) transfer case, which seems to be working splendidly.

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